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14-09-2021: geschreven door Brian Musonda.

I have sent these pictures, because Joost asked me to do this during the holiday, now since the children are school they learning as you you can see, this is on the class I handle on.

May I take this opportunity to thank you Joost Conny and all our fathers and mother’s from netherland, for updating us as your children over what is happening or what happened to our beloved place kachema musuma, people of netherland these our mothers sisters are very hard working parents, although some of us we are away from that for some time, these parents, they are always there for us to make sure that we living better life, always asking us how staying wherever we make sure that what ever small they have they offer to us, I am strongly speaking especially my self as Brian they always on me to make sure I live good, whatever I request mmmmm they try according to their best.i can not much but what I can is that, May the almighty God bless the mommies especially mum mary and mable. for the job well done to make me what I am today through the family of netherland God bless you all,we will never stop putting you in prayers as you are helping us here in as your children, thank you very much good day everyone.