KACEMA MUSUMA Children’s Home


In 2006 the Dutch KACEMA MUSUMA Foundation was erected in Raalte (Netherlands).

Our aim: Assisting the Sisters financially in taking over, continuing and improving the private orphanage (11 children) of (too old and too poor) Mrs. Makombe in Kawambwa, 1.000 km north from capital Lusaka, Zambia. The Sisters had the land and the people, but not the money.

This is what we have done (and still do) since 2006:

  1. In 2006 we opened a bank account for our Dutch foundation in Kawambwa, at ZANACO bank. (The Sisters also  opened one for the orphanage to come.)
  2. In 2006 we also opened a bank account at RABObank in the Netherlands.
  3. Finding money for constructing a good house in Kawambwa, a small town, 1.000 km north from Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.
  4. Achieved in Oct 2007 (see picture above): The official opening ceremony of the New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home. Thanks to private donations increased by premiums from Wild Geese Foundation and NCDO.
    (Sister Maria Katonkola got Sister in Charge and still is “Mammie number ONE”.)
  5. The most difficult, challenging and never ending part of our work for Kacema Musuma. is: Finding enough money for running costs for good care for the increasing amount (42 now) of orphans, often caused by AIDS.
    Achieved: Depending on donations, mostly from private persons, whom we are VERY, VERY grateful(!), we’ve made it up till today. BUT we can never stop looking for new donors. One day costs € 100,-, every day again, 365 days a year.
    BIG responsibility: a good life for 41 children and 11 salaries for the workers.
  6. The board members pay all costs themselves. So 100% of sponsored money is for keeping the big warm family in New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home.
  7. Building a good and open cooperation with New Kacema Musuma by giving trust and attention. We exchange as much information as possible.

2007 Oct 27. Early morning, last preparations for the official opening celebration of the New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home.

At 27th of October 2007 New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home was consecrated by the Bishop and festively opened in the presence of a large enthusiastic Zambian audience. During this opening celebration Mrs. Makombe officially handed over ‘her’ 11 children to the Zambian Congregation Child Jesus, just like our Foundation did with the construction. Mother Superior Sr. Christine appointed Sister Maria to be Sister in Charge. This way Sr. Maria became ‘Mammie number ONE’.

Sr. Maria, Sr. Theophista, and Sr. Mable turned out to be three loving and caring ‘Mammies’ for the (now 42) children.
They form one big warm family, all children feel loved, free and happy.

The children have also “Aunties and Uncles”, the staff getting salaries.

  • Monica, Matilda, Daria and Albertina looking after the small ones (0 – 3 years old)  24 hours a day, 365 days per year(!)
  • Jennifer is for the bigger boys and girls. She used to work already for Mrs. Makombe. The older Children still know her from those days.
  • Josephine keeps the house  clean.
  • Nelly is the cook.
  • Moby, Emmanuel, Fredrick and Bright work in the garden and together with the dogs they keep the family safe.
  • This way all of them work for the extraordinary good and loving quality of KACEMA MUSUMA Children’s Home.

There is a preschool for the small children, from 6 years old they go to   different primary day schools and the children at secondary schools go to boarding schools, which means 3 months at school, 1 month home, etc.
During these holiday months the younger children are very happy to have the older ‘brothers and sisters’ back home and visa versa.

Kacema has two well equipped guestrooms with ensuite bathrooms with warm/cold ‘solar -pumped Kacema-water.  YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME.

We’d be happy arranging a safe tour for you including beautiful parts of Zambia and some nights in Kacema Musuma Children’s Home in Kawambwa. KLM has a direct flight from Amsterdam to Lusaka. Just contact us at info@kacemastudy.nl
or by telephone.