Ilse Heining Janss



Mrs. Ilse Heining visited, together with her husband, New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home in 2007, where she had the opportunity to meet all the students.









Maaike Snoep

New York (USA)
E-mail: of
M: +12133046793.


Mrs. Maaike Snoep has enjoyed the ups and downs of the children’s home through the enthusiastic stories of her mother Conny Snoep-Melis. In March 2020, Maaike visited New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home with her parents. She is determined to continue the work of her mother. In addition, Maaike established an American branch of the Kacema Foundation in August 2020 in order to recruit foreign donors.








Joost Snoep

Heino (NL)
E-mail: or
T: +31(0) 572 39 25 30 or M: +31(0)6 53 33 75 60.


Mr. Joost Snoep, like Maaike, has spent many years sympathizing with the ups and downs of the children’s home. Together with Conny Snoep-Melis and previous board members, he visited Kacema Musuma in Kawambwa several times.








Conny Snoep-Melis

Heino (NL)

Honorary Member

Mrs. Conny Snoep-Melis, she was involved right from the start in 2005 and is the founder of the Kacema Foundation for New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home in Kawambwa and the founder of the Kacema Study Foundation.




Offering children from the Kacema Musuma children’s home the (financial) opportunity to pursue further studies in their own country (Zambia) after secondary school.


Policy plan

The most important points from the foundation’s policy plan:

  • The candidates follow vocational training or university studies, which significantly increases their job prospects.
  • The training is followed in your own country/region and qualifies you for a profession, which is then practiced in your own country.
  • The application must demonstrate that support can be deployed successfully.
  • The application must be accompanied by a budget.
  • There is a periodic check on the progress of the training.
  • A contact person in Zambia will be appointed by the foundation.
  • If a student discontinues the course, the financial compensation will in principle be stopped.


Remuneration policy

The four directors pay all costs themselves, such as newsletters, telephone, postage, film, domain for website, travel, etc.


ANBI number

We are a Public Benefit Organization, according to the tax authorities. Our number is 854505544.

This makes all donations tax deductible. For information about this, please email our treasurer.


Financial responsibility

We would like to thank all donors and volunteers for their contributions and supporting activities in 2023. In the coming years, the number of children in New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home who will pursue tertiary education will only increase. Your donations are still desperately needed.

Ilse Heining-Janss, chairman

Joost Snoep, treasurer


Report of activities

For a report of the activities, please refer to the ‘NEWS’ page of the website.