Committee Foundation Kacema Musuma



Mrs. Janneke Brewer-de Koster



Janneke Brewer has lived in the rural areas of Kenia with her family from 1967 till 1973. Since 2000 Janneke visits her son in South Africa regularly.


Mr. Wim Cath  



Wim has also “Africa experience’. After finishing his study economics for tropic agriculture he worked and lived in Kivu (Congo). In Rwanda he managed a co-operation of small farms, growing Pyrethrum. His youngest sun has been born in a mission hospital ‘in the bush’. In 1968 Wim has also done a project in Zambia (Eastern Province)


Mrs. Conny Snoep-Melis



Tel: +31 572 392530

Conny’s experience of years with another orphanage near Lusaka worked out fruitfully in this Kacema Musuma project in Kawambwa, 1.000 km north from Lusaka. The co-operation with the Sisters of the Zambian Congregation Child Jesus is open, easy and very pleasant, which works very stimulating in achieving good results from both sides. Also the good co-operation with the Zambian constructor Wesley Chishimba has resulted in (as he said): “the most beautiful house in Kawambwa.”

Also VERY important was the assistance of Zambian Kawambwa citizens. They formed the “KAWAMBWA-team” with all qualities of “the A-team”: pushing on with courage combined with high level inventive brains!